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Our Story

We carved in stone the values we follow: family, respect, honor, innovation, reliability, responsibility, and sustainability. In 1997, we the Talmon family  moved from the suburbs of Tel Aviv to the wild, beautiful nature of the Sea of Galilee region, choosing to live in a truly sustainable way. We began planting olives trees on our farm, knowing that olive trees have grown successfully in the region for millennia. We decided to start pressing

Unique production process

Harvesting our own farm-grown olives is just the first step of our truly unique production process.
Our small batch production ensures that our skincare is always fresh and always effective, rather than producing a large supply that sits in a warehouse. Our skincare is meticulously formulated to provide just the right amount of potent, plant-based materials for our skin.

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at our Factory and Visitors Center in Qatsrin

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