So here we are, setting up a production line of our new, “EcoOlea Green Cleaning”, a fully natural house cleaning line.

Writing our patent, fermenting the impossible to ferment - olive water - we thought we were about to present to the world olive vinegar for salads! We can still do so, but we ended up shifting our focus before we even got to it.

Quick fact: Olive residue consists of a lot of water that’s loaded with anti-oxidants - too much and too concentrated. It has approximately fifty times more anti-oxidants than the oil we get from  the freshly pressed olives. The anti-oxidants in the olive oil (if not stupidly filtered, although most of it is…) are the reason to consume it. But the residue penetrates down into the ground water level and damages it. It’s simply too much for the environment to handle.

So here, our story changes course. Early 2011, I was excited to host a delegation from Whole Foods Market, the Texas National HQ and the SP regional HQ.

I presented them with our new olive vinegar, trying to get it on their shelves once ready and approved. Then, surprisingly, they asked me about the dark-colored liquid they could see through the lab'swindow. I explained that it was a natural cleaner made from the olive vinegar that we created and patented.

‘This is what we want”, they responded.

So we changed our concept and started to develop our now ready EcoOlea line. Whole Foods’Dwight Richmond - who was part of the team that developed their “Eco Scale”standard for house cleaners - lead the team who worked with us in preparing our arrival to their stores. We invested a significant amount of money to improve and develop 10 different products. Dwight and our art director worked together to develop the packaging. Whole Foods also hired a non-profit certification organization, “Green Seal”to carry out their due diligence on our line. At the end of two years of testing, it was defined as “Green”, and we are proud to say it received the highest level in the Eco Scale standard.

Let us evaluate what is going on here almost without noticing it. We innovated, developed and manufactured. Then comes one of the world's clean and natural products retail leaders and assigns a team to cooperate with a small negligible farmer, me, far away from them and definitely not in their country. Then a bottle blower, a bottle cap maker, a bottle head spray maker, a sticker maker, a production line maker, a liquid container maker and probably some other manufacturers I forgot, get significant orders. More people are hired to work, containers are ordered, ships are sailing, customs brokers are hired and trucks get more deliveries to complete.

And yet there is more - We farm and press our olives to get extra virgin olive oil, use the olive oil and reuse the residue to create Olea Essence skin care and toiletry lines. The more we distribute, the more residue is reused. Many people can use fully natural house cleaners that are safer and eco responsible, the gray water (sink sewage) is easily treated for reuse in irrigation.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Looking back at the bumpy frontier we crossed during the past 8 years. I can definitely declare once again. For me it is always personal. Very personal. And, it is all about you. Your family, your environment, your safety and your beauty.