I am first of all a farmer starting most of my mornings very early among our olive trees.  I briefly look at the trees and the olives growing on them evaluating water deficiencies, searching for signs of disease be it fungi or scale looking down at the drip system looking for damage caused by wild life the night before when searching for water which needs to be fixed.

It was one of these mornings when I was called by the head of our lab Dr. G. Pipco to come fast and see something interesting.    

I then very quickly eye scanned the meadow making sure our horses are still there, their water system works properly and then I returned home as usual to fix some breakfast together with my wife, my first and only for the last 33 years.  

I then drove to the mill anxious to meet our lab team who are breaking a new record by the hour.

A few years earlier I fought with an olive waste hose which disconnected from its seat and spilled. I tried to return the hose to its place and was immediately covered by that ugly, full of bacteria, oily olive oil's production waste.

Crawling out of that unpleasant situation I washed myself with a garden hose trying to survive its cold wintery water. After a few minutes, to my surprise, I discovered that my skin never felt better, clean, silky and smooth.  

Luckily I did not stay indifferent to the phenomena I just experienced. For thousands of years olive oil makers fight the waste of the process. 80% of the olive is residue over loaded with anti oxidants too much for the environment to handle. Worldwide EPAs are monitoring the olive oil industry insisting on it to take care of its waste for ecological reasons.

Some months before that morning I was acquainted to the olive oil residue….Dr. Pipco was acquainted to me as a worldwide master of plants extracts and essentials. I couldn't wait to knock on his door and tell him what I felt. Within minutes we agreed on his terms and conditions and he started to explore.

At that morning Dr. Pipco called me to witness two successful patents he earlier convinced me to write and invest in protecting.

The first was "olive wash & exfoliate" - personal soap made of crushed olives after pressing it for olive oil. I washed my hands with it and then my face. The feeling was so good I offered it immediately to any one I saw in the mill. My family, our employees, visitors…none could escape from testing and responding…

The second was vinegar. Olive vinegar.  This was actually the basis of the wash as well.  Making olive vinegar from olive oil waste is a major technological breakthrough. Our lab actually developed a biological process to turn environmental hazardous olive waste into food, cosmetics and household cleansers.

So you save a stream, you do not pollute, you reuse rather than recycle. That’s on the wide scale. But then we took it to a more personal level. We started from making our today's famous "wash&exfoliate", developed into making a facial antioxidant face mask and now ready to present a whole new series of chemical free house hold cleansers – Grease remove, dishes, surfaces, stainless steel, floors, glass, bathrooms and more.  

These new series are as ecological as it can get. However, the user comes first.  It cleans beautifully, its pro skin, it's safe for the user its kids, pets, close environment, ants hate it (we never planned this to happen…), dust hate it (same) – both are reduced dramatically.

It turns out 5 years of research starting from me slipping into a pile of olive residue…developed into a  massive ecological contribution but first of all to a significant personal contribution. It started personal continued personal.

Turning it into business is a different story. It calls for investments that we do not have. Bringing big money in, can take away our family life as we know it and love it. But the endless list of family and friends as well as visitors who were exposed to our makings and want to buy and use is so long it makes us proud and fill us with joy.

As already mentioned I doubt it will ever turn into a big business. But it is very personal. It's your skin, your family you surroundings. You come first.