It was 10 years ago, in France, where I was first exposed to flavored olive oil. It had a nice scent and the taste was nice also. I started to dig in trying to get a better understanding of how is it done and to my surprise, why is it done.

I then revealed a very astonishing discovery…It were the Italians who started this trend by throwing into the olive press lemons, at the end of the season, to clean the machines! This practice was followed later by mixing it with olive oil and selling it as “lemonolio” at a higher price...

Looking into it further more I learned that flavored olive oil is made by infusing tastes into it adding some leaves to enhance the marketing impact.

I decided to try it but from a different angle. I called my lab people, Olea Essences’ lab people that is, and asked them if they think we can create flavored fused olive oil vs, in fused which I don’t like and is not a natural exercise in my eyes.

Fused means that we will develop ways to press fresh fruit with the olives and extract the olive oill with the fruits oil, not the juice!

We started with chilly pepper and lemons. We cleaned the machines every 8 hours to the highest sanitation level and introduced the fresh fruit in it, with the olives, in different experimental ways.

It took us 3 years due to the fact that the press season occurs one a year for some 70 days, no more.

Today we are experts in pressing olives and different media like lemon, Bazil, Garlic, Mint, rosemary, red Chilly Pepper and more, extract their oils (not juices!) and store it as needed.

The results are awesome !!! Tastes are divine! The lemon and olive oil combo is traditionally believed to clean the liver. Olive oil and Basil oils are believed to have natural anti biotic advantages and all the other flavor combinations have different natural health advantage to it besides the very special taste.

We thank our lab team and we thank Sasha, our machine supervisor who donated to the process more than we could ask.