70 years ago the US army and the Red army released the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz. 1,000,000 Jews, our families, were slaughtered there. 


ISIS and the chaos in the Muslim world today, which is spilling into the western world's streets, are 'kids games' compared to the 1940 – 1945 dark days. 60 Million People lost their lives in that terrible war.

In our "never again" life philosophy we keep one hand on the plow creating growth and one hand on the weapon defending ourselves.


However, it is not ISIS or Iran that worries me neither the possibility for the return of gas chambers.

I am deeply worried that someone might think that feeding us Israeli Jews to the Muslim leading rising powers will keep their streets quiet and safe. This is a real threat. We see as one by one, politicians humiliate themselves and their countries in an attempt to please their ever growing violent communities.


I am afraid that offering us as a trophy can be plotted quietly without us noticing it or seeing it coming.
Go ahead guys and read or listen to Morris Ogdan's poem that he wrote in 1951(attached).
We need to keep our investment in growth and refrain from hating. We also need to keep our eyes open. We are still at high risk: Here is the poem: