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The story begins in 1997, when the Talmon family started planting olives trees in their farm with the only notion that olive trees resides successfully in the region of the Jordan river and the Sea Of Galilee for decades. They trusted the olive tree to compensate for their lack of olive farming knowledge. Soon their olive farming practices improved and they were attracted to the sustainable organic way of doing it.
One day the Talmon family decided to start making their own olive oil and sell it. They bought a piece of land in the region and built an olive oil mill dedicated to their farm's olive crop exclusively. Their olive yields quality improved constantly and their olive oil started to gain fame for its quality.
Like other olive oil mills the Talmon family too was troubled with the olive residue, harming the environment due to excessive concentration of anti-oxidants. It was Avner’s destiny to slip and fall in a pile of olive residue. He was not indifferent to what happened and started to explore the olive residue and virtues. That's how "Olea Essence", today's fully natural olive skin care line, was born.