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Olives & Avocado
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ALL Olea Essence products are made from one or more of the following ingredients:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  


Olive Extract


Crushed Olives


Olive Pit Extract


Olive Leaf Extract


We then introduce into our formulas other vegetative natural ingredients. The result is rich

with natural anti-oxidants & other anti-ageing properties, which boost the barrier function of the


Olea Essence’s Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a rich natural source of anti-oxidants, healthy

vitamins and minerals. Combined with other essential natural oils and plant extracts it creates a

unique blend that activates anti-ageing properties and maximizes their wholesome effect on your


• 100% Natural Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• 100% Preservative Free

• 100% Chemical Free

• 100% Emulsifying agents free

• 100% Natural Fragrances

Natural Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil balances secretion of oil glands. The addition of other plant

oils accentuates its restorative and reparative effect on your skin, also aiding in softening and