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Olea Essence Olive Oil - Kursi Black Seal (400ml)title=

Olea Essence Olive Oil - Kursi Black Seal (400ml)

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Kursi Black Seal (400ml)
(Modest Flavor)
Kursi contains black olives from European species, harvested late in the season when the fruit has had an opportunity to ripen and develop a more robust taste. Kursi has a distinctive but modest flavor which blends fantastically with other foods. All our olive oils are extra-virgin, cold-pressed and unfiltered.

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hooked on Kursi for life Review by Deborah (Posted on 4/30/15)
A tablespoon of Kursi everyday has dropped my Cholesterol levels in half!!! My Dr. has cut my Lipitor in half. So, I am hooked on Kursi for life:~))
The best we ever tasted Review by George (Posted on 5/4/14)
When visiting the Golan in December last year, we purchased a 400 ml can of extra virgin olive oil. We use it for salad dressing and cooking light meals.
Kursi is the best we ever tasted.

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