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Archives: Tractors

What is Regenerative Farming?

Olea Essence focuses on R&D and know-how involved in and around the olive anti-oxidants, in the olive oil and ten times more in the olive leaves followed by developing the practices of extracting and skin implementation of the olive’s anti-Oxidants.  We know its contribution to our well-being.  However, the road to high-quality olive-based products starts …

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Art & Science

We have different skin types in our same self and different skin types between people. The skin’s “looks“, its “touch” its internal natural humidity, its “internal communication system with the brain and the nerves“, its “structure” is reflected in its “ability to protect the dermis and the epidermis and exchange ingredients and information with the …

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Olea Essence’s Philosophy

Olea Essence is dedicated to a culture of living alongside nature. We believe everything has its natural place and that we must not incorporate harmful man-made productions such as synthetic chemicals in any of our all-natural products, without caring about the extra profit that comes with using them. Olea Essence DOES NOT pollute the environment …

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DR. Gary Greenstein’s letter

Dr. Gary Greenstein, MD,  raised in Massachusetts,  attended college outside of Boston. After medical school, trained in an Obstetrics and Gynecology residency (women’s medicine) in Brooklyn, NY. Practiced medicine New York and New Jersey, and became board certified as an ObGyn in the USA in 2000. Moved to Israel in 2007 and became specialty certified …

DR. Gary Greenstein’s letter Read More »

Harvest season

Now that it is October, harvest season is upon us. The beautiful olives of Israel are beginning to transform from a light green to a purple until they are finally black (meaning they’re ripe). Once around 75% of the olives are black, the harvesting begins. This season is one of our favorites because we are …

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